Arts for All Kentucky

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Support from Arts for All Kentucky enables Marty’s Orchid House to offer Marty’s Music Program every week, as of June 2019.

Music therapy has long been used to support emotional, cognitive, and social development and has also been shown to promote wellness, enhance memory, and improve communication. Particularly for children with ASD, music therapy has been found to improve social behaviors, increase focus and attention, increase communication attempts, reduce anxiety, and improve body awareness and coordination (Whipple, 2004). Marty’s Music Program is such an enhancement to our core program. Many thanks to Arts for All Kentucky!

Arts for All Kentucky's Special Initiative Projects

… are designed to provide special needs populations with experiential and innovative opportunities in the arts. Participants become the artists in any of the areas of the arts, including drama, creative movement, music, storytelling, visual arts, film, photography, etc. Funded by Arts for All Kentucky, Marty’s Orchid House has been able to implement Marty’s Music Program as of June, 2019.

Every week our selected artist, Harris Gardner, MT-BC. provides weekly music therapy sessions for all children, broken down into small groups. Harris has extensive experience with special needs populations and these sessions have proven to be very therapeutic. Harris incorporates music in unique and creative ways through various musical activities including interactive singing, storytelling, and hands-on experiences with a variety of instruments.

Children have been introduced to new instruments and a new, positive outlet for energy and creativity.

Thank you Arts for All Kentucky!