Kosair Charities

Our first awarded grant was given by Kosair Charities before we ever opened doors! Marty's Orchid House was only a vision on paper.

2018-2019 Grant
Our first awarded grant was given by Kosair Charities before we ever opened doors! Marty’s Orchid House was only a vision on paper. When the funding was awarded in January, 2019, it came at a critical time when every dollar was necessary to keep doors open. This funding went towards general start-up operating expenses and we will always be grateful for this early support that allowed us to continue caring for children before we began getting reimbursed by insurance. On behalf of our eight (8) children at the time, many thanks from Wolfgang, Enzo, Jeremiah, Sereniti, Demi, Denim, Kaleb, and Domani! 

Thank you Kosair Charities for allowing us to spend more time where it really counts!

2019-2020 Grant
Providing all-day childcare services to a very specific, at-risk population of children requires as much hands-on care by as many employees as possible throughout our structured day. It is imperative to have the capabilities to streamline systems of communication, documentation, and program tracking to maximize efficiency and to receive the highest level of reimbursement for the services provided. Kosair Charities understands this! In our pathway to sustainability Kosair Charities has generously partnered with us in 2019-2020 to help implement the following updates in the area of Information Technology, which will allow us to expedite our program’s capabilities in order to serve more children in need. These upgrades include: audio and video surveillance cameras in every child-occupied space for both parent peace of mind and employee training; new laptops, computers, and software; an upgraded phone system to handle our larger influx of phone calls, and a new marketing camera so we can share our many successes! What this grant does for our program:
1. Reduces the time it takes to enroll a child into the program from 3 weeks or longer to 2 weeks or less
2. Cuts staff charting time by 50% to allow more hands-on time in the classroom
3. Allows us to creatively and promptly share center activities and exciting news via social media with all of our current and future supporters
4. Ensures that every child is receiving the highest quality of care through continuous audio and video surveillance