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Physical Activity benefits Children with ASD

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Did you know?

83% of those diagnosed with ASD have an overlapping developmental disorder, including low muscle strength (CDC, 2018). Physical fitness in those with ASD strengthens the muscles, improves balance, body coordination, and other mobility skills (Autism Speaks, 2018). The CDC recommends that children with ASD get at least one hour of outside play time per day. They also recommend moving in different ways and playing with multiple types of equipment.

Our therapeutic playground will support 100% of our current and future children in reaching these goals.

We are hopeful that our supporters will make it possible for us to be even better, even faster.

Our program does BIG things for little people who most need us, in a community that most needs us. It is well known that disparities exist in West Louisville in equitable access to needed resources. We are determined to change the face of medical and behavioral health services here in Louisville. Our children are making so much progress in a very short timeframe.

With limited resources and the unfortunate abundance of children with ASD, we desperately need our strong community partners to travel this journey with us.

Many thanks to WHAS Crusade for Children.

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